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Did you know?

“28.2 Million working days were lost in 2018/19 through work related illhealth and musculoskeletal disorders affecting the back”
“12.8 Million working days are lost due to stress, depression or anxiety”

“1 in 5 people are either very or extremely stressed at work”

(source Health and Safety Executive - UK 2018/19 and Labour Force Survey self reported estimates)

In today’s world, few of us can say that we have never suffered the consequences of modern day living. Just look at the facts above. Whether battling through the morning rush hour; the boss that’s always on your back; chained to your desk with no time to do the personal things that you need to do; how to spend more time with your family, friends and loved ones and the pressures of career, finances, personal goals and ambitions. No wonder we suffer with aches, pains and stress.

At the Total Health Practice, our goal is to go far beyond simply abolishing pain and stress. We focus on helping you to make and maintain physical and lifestyle changes that are essential to restoring balance in your life.
Osteopath Martin addresses muscular and skeletal aches and pains to restore your physical wellbeing, whilst our Coaches help you to address your way of thinking so you can make those lifestyle changes.

We provide you and your family with a natural, safe and comprehensive approach ensuring every patients visit is both informative and enjoyable. Our practitioners are dedicated to providing each and every patient with individual attention.

Every day, many people tolerate aches and pains, and the consequences of stressful living, promising themselves that things will get better next week. The fact is unless we treat those aches and pains and make changes early in the way we live our lives, the effects of modern day living just do not go away.

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